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Monsieur MÂLÂ represents a story teller using music instead of words.
Imaginary character, it personifies the fusion of five musicians and takes essence through their dreamlike musical universe filled with aerial melodies and catchy rhythms.

It all began in Paris in 2018 with a shared desire to express theses stories.
Monsieur MÂLÂ induces dance, even trance, to savor the moment, to let go, proven by a palpable communion with their public.

In tune with its musical era, Monsieur MÂLÂ brings back curiosity with its artistic uniqueness. It delivers a message of gathering and optimism destined to any type of public.

Mathieu Edward  Drums

Balthazar Naturel  Saxophones

Nicholas Vela Keyboards

Robin Antunes violin/mandolin

Swaéli Mbappé

In winter 2018, Balthazar Naturel, Robin Antunes, Nicholas Vella, Swaéli Mbappé and Mathieu Edward thought of a quintet focused on their own compositions, arranged collectively and exclusively orally. Each one of them already has a strong identity as musician. Luxury sidemen, they have collaborated with many international musicians and artists like De La Soul, Mayra Andrade, CHASSOL, Blick Bassy, Ibrahim Maalouf, Sinclair, Youssoupha, China Moses, François Jeanneau, Arcadian, Etienne Mbappé, Jean-Luc Ponty, Nguyen Lê, Paco Sery, Jean- Marie Ecay, Hippocampe Fou, Ernesto Tito Puentes, ...